BJH Band

Spring Concert and Six Flags Info Sheet

Thursday, May 18 and Friday, May 19, 2017



Thursday, May 18 (8th Grade Only): Meet at the HS Band Hall at 6:30pm with your instrument and your music.  Dress for the concert is nice “Sunday Best.”  Shorts and jeans are not dress clothes.  Ladies may wear slacks, skirts with blouses, and dresses all in dress code.  Gentlemen may wear slacks (including khaki’s) with polo/golf shirts or button down front shirts.  All clothing for both ladies and gentlemen should fall in school dress code. We will play first at 7pm, then after the Jazz and High School bands we will join the High School band for the finale of the concert.  Then concert will be around an hour.



Friday, May 19: Meet in the JH Band Hall at 7:45 wearing your grey band t-shirt.  If you have lost your band t-shirt, you need to borrow one from students not going on this trip.  The only acceptable shirt is the current grey band t-shirt.   All shorts and shoes must be within school dress code.  Students must have participated in either Solo and Ensemble or All Region AND UIL Concert in Sightreading Contest to be eligible for the Six Flags trip. 

We will leave the band hall at 8AM.  We will arrive at the park approximately 10AM.   We need to leave the park at 3:00pm so we will meet at the front entrance in front of the carousel at 2:40pm to check roll.  Your bus chaperones will be the chaperone you check in with for the afternoon roll check.  It is important you check in with your chaperone because we cannot depart the park until all students are with their chaperone.  We should arrive home around 5pm.  There will be NO stops on the way home-so go potty before we leave the park and before you check in with your chaperone at 2:40pm.

Students and bus chaperone’s will have one ticket and meal voucher provided for them.


We ask that our audience observe respectful concert etiquette so that everybody can have a pleasant experience:
Please do not talk during the concert including before, after, and between songs.
Please stay seated during the performance.
Do not enter or leave during a performance except when removing an upset child
Cameras are ok if they are not an obstruction to others around you.
Your kind applause is always appreciated!
Congratulations to the 2017-2018 Auxiliary Line Members:
Listed by Tryout Number:
1-Head Twirler
10-Head Flag
There will be a mandatory parent and member meeting on May 16 at the HS band hall at 6pm.  You will be given information on payments and get measured for your uniform.  Your first payment is due May 19!
Great job everyone!

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