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Mission, Vision & Alma Mater


BISD will encourage, empower and equip ALL students to achieve their full potential. 


Better Today, Greater Tomorrow Logo


  • Every student is a perfect creation that deserves a chance.
  • Every child has value and deserves the very best we can give.
  • EVERYONE matters at BISD.
  • A small town atmosphere leads to stronger relationships.
  • We are a "family/community comes first" district.
  • The BISD community will support anything that benefits our students.
  • We use different measures of success than just test scores. 
  • "Out of the box" thinking excites both students and teachers.
  • Facilities are not a measure of what can happen inside of them.
  • We can be the "go to" district!

Alma Mater

"We hail thee Alma Mater,

United may we stand.

Forever may your glory

Be known throughout the land.

We pledge to you our honor,

And hope to bring thee fame.

To you our dear Brownsboro High,

We rise to hail thy name!"

Fight Song

"Oh, when the Brownsboro Bears fall in that line,

We're gonna win this game another time,

And for the dear old school we love so well,

And for the dear old team we'll, yell and yell and yell,

We're gonna fight, fight fight for every score,

We're gonna circle in and win some more,

We're gonna throw those (opposing team) in the dirt,

Make it hurt,

Fight, Fight, Fiiiiiight!"