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High school band students marching at halftime

Band programs first begin in the 6th grade where students are able to learn the basics to prepare for junior high.  Once in junior high, students begin performing at football games and pep rallies, and several other school events!  In high school, the band not only performs at football games and pep rallies, but they have the opportunity to participate in numerous other events in the community.  Our BMB (Brownsboro Marching Band) has also competed in the past at the state level, and we look forward to seeing them there again each year!  All bands (6th grade - High School) have two public performances during the school year.  They have a Christmas Concert in December, and a Spring Concert towards the end of the school year in May. 

Click on the button below to view and download the BHS Summer Schedule for the 2024-2025 school year! A full 2024-2025 school schedule including practices, competitions and concerts for the fall and spring is coming soon. 

Summer Band Schedule

Band Directors 

Jakeb Ham


Scott Smith


Aaron Zeller